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I CORDIALLY INVITE YOU TO USE GOOGLE AND CHECK SOME OTHER COMPANIES THAT OFFER PODCAST THEME SONGS & JINGLE PACKAGES.  TAKE A LOOK AT THEIR PRICES.  YOU'LL FIND SOME FOLKS WILL CHARGE YOU $1500 FOR ONE 30 SECOND SONG.  NO. JUST.. NO.  I WILL MATCH AND BEAT ANY COMPETITORS PRICE GUARANTEED.  JUST SEND ME THE LINK AND WE'LL TAKE IT FROM THERE!  SCOUTS HONOR.  (this does not include some goofball over on fiver(dot)com that will write you a song for 5 dollars.  Let's use common sense here. I usually put at least 8-12 hours into a song, sometimes 3 full work days even.  At fiver, you get what you pay for basically.)

Just for the record, normally.. The "FULL MONTY" podcast package gives you a custom theme song, which becomes all yours, all the rights goto you, you can use it whenever, and wherever you want.. 2 short stings going out to an Ad, and one for back into the show that are reminiscent of the theme song, and a reworking of the original theme song for an outro if you should want it.  This amazing deal only cost you $250.  There are smaller packages, and larger ones, depending upon your needs.  I often work on a sliding scale.. perhaps you'd like one of my pre-written songs on the samples page, or a song that you can use, but not exclusively (I can use it for other things too if I want.)  Those will obviously cost less, and I will work with you to make sure you're getting exactly what you want.

Fill out the form below and give me a bit of information about what you are looking to do.  You don't have to give me every little detail just yet, a basic idea is fine.  Length, how many markets it will air, anything else that may be of interest.  Include your phone number in the message if you'd like me to give you a ring, or i'll just e-mail you back with a quote and we'll take it from there! 

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